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Drills & Uses

Try out some of the drills Mark MacDonald has created to perfect your putting practice with the Pure Speed Putting Disc!


Putting Drills

The Wheel


Place the Pure Speed Putting disc on the green. Starting at 3’, place tees around the disc at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock. Then place tees at 6’ from the disc between all tees at 3’.


Start at any of the 3’ locations. If the putt is holed you may then progress to the nearest 6’ location. If the putt is missed, stay at that location. The objective to make the putt from all locations. If a miss occurs at any point or your putt rolls out more than two feet past the disc, you move back one location.



  • Increase distances to 4' and 8'

  • Go around the disc more than once

  • Pick a hole with more or less slope to change the difficulty

  • The ball is only allowed to roll out 1' past the disc

Track Progress

  • Track the number of misses you have during the completion of the drill.

3' - 4' - 5'


Place the Pure Speed Putting Disc on the green. Starting at 3’, place tees around the disc at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock. Then place tees surrounding the disc at 4’ and 5’. You will have 12 locations to putt from around the disc. At the 12 o’clock position you will have tees at 3’, 4’, and 5’. This will be true for all of the positions around the disc.


Start at any of the 3’ locations around the hole. When you make the putt, you will move to the remaining 3’ locations. In order to move back to the 4’ and 5’  locations, you must make all 3’ putts consecutively. When this is done, you are allowed one miss from the remaining locations from 4’ and 5’. If the player fails to do this, they must start over. The ball is considered a miss when it does not touch the disc or if it rolls more than the desired distance past the disc.


Connect The Dots


Select a hole or place one of the discs on the putting green to use as your target. Place a tee on the green to designate the spot you will putt from to either the hole or a disc. Place a ball down beside the tee and read your putt as normal. After you have read the putt, place your remaining Pure Speed Putting discs on the green to represent the estimated line the ball will travel as it goes towards the hole. It can help to start this process at the hole and work backward towards the ball. Once you are content with your placement of the discs, give the putt a roll! Assess how you did. Continue to do this from various distances and breaking putts.

Things to Think About

Did I hit my putt with the correct speed? Based off of the correct speed for that particular putt, did I over-read, underread, or properly read the break in the putt?

Inside 10% Drill


Place your four Pure Speed Putting discs in a row with one foot separating them from one another. Place a tee starting at 5’ from the first disc, then another at 10’, 20’, and 30’.


Start from the 5’ tee. When the putt is rolled, it must finish between the first two discs. With each make, move back 1’. Starting at the next tee, 10’, you must do the same things as before but you are allowed to have the ball finish between the first two discs. Again, a successful putt means you move back one foot. Repeat this until you have successfully rolled all putts up to 30’. Keep track of the number of misses it takes to complete the drill.


  • Only putt from the tees and not in 1' increments

  • With a "missed" putt, move up 1' to the previous location

  • Pick a hole with more or less slope to change the difficulty

  • Putt from both sides of the slope

11:00 & 1:00


Find a flat spot on the green. Place two of your Pure Speed Putting discs on the green in a straight line from each other. Using the hash marks on the disc, place tees in the ground at 11:00 and 1:00 o’clock and also make a slight hole in the green at 6:00 o’clock.


Once your tees are in place, put a ball on top of the slight hole you made at 6:00. Your objective is to putt the ball between the tees and have it roll over the other disc with proper speed.


  • Slightly narrow the gap between the tees to make it more difficult for the ball to go through

  • Lengthen the putt

  • Given the length of the putt, make sure the ball rolls over the disc and no farther than 10% of the original distance

  • Set a goal where you have to get a certain number in a row to finish the drill

    • Keep track of this and continue to push yourself


Chipping Drills

Chip & Roll

Setup & Instructions

While practicing your chipping, use a disc to pick out the spot on the green where you want the ball to land. The disc works well because it can land on it or roll over it and does not affect where your ball will finish.


Using the other discs, place them on the green where you think the ball needs to land and then roll. This is a variation of our Connect the Dots Drill.

Leap Frog

Setup & Instructions

A common chipping drill made better with our Pure Speed Putting Discs. Place the discs on a green a set distance apart. We recommend 2-3 yards. From a spot around the green, chip a ball with the intent to land it between the first two discs. With each chip, try to land the ball between the next two discs.


  • Using the same setup, chip a ball and attempt to have it finish in a certain quadrant (between two discs). Alternate between quadrants or go in a row

  • Perform this drill as a team or against a friend

  • Make a certain number in a row before completion

Practice Round for Competitive Play

The Pure Speed Putting discs are fantastic to help players prepare for competition. During a practice round, use the discs to represent the hole locations for each round of the tournament. 


Send Us Your Drills or How You Use the Discs!

To be featured on our website or social media, please send us other ways you use the putting discs.

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