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The Mark MacDonald Golf Academy has partnered with local fitness expert, Dr. Joe Combs!

About Joe: Dr. Joe is a sports performance trainer and physical therapist in Cincinnati, OH. His specialty area is rotational athletes with a focus on golf and tennis. He works with athletes of all ages, primarily youth and young adults due to his additional training and experience with Cincinnati Children's. The background of physical therapy and personal training allows him to tailor training plans with a focus on maximizing performance while also minimizing injury. 


Training philosophy: Each individual athlete possesses a unique combination of physiology, motor skills, and mental outlook. In order to unlock their maximum potential it is important to understand both the individual characteristics of the athlete, as well as the specific demands of their sport(s). Every client begins with a comprehensive evaluation in order to identify their unique abilities, with frequent adjustments as they progress. 



- Titleist Performance Institute certified (Fitness level 1, Medical level 2, Power level 2)

- USTA Racquetfit certified 

- Associate Professor in Biomechanics, Kinesiology, and Motor Learning (University of Cincinnati, Hanover College) 

- Doctorate in Physical Therapy 2018 (University of Cincinnati) 

- Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist 2016 (NSCA)

- Bachelors in Exercise & Movement Science 2015 (University of Cincinnati)

- Cincinnati Children's motion analysis lab 2012-2018 

- ACE certified personal trainer 2010



- Website:

- Email:

- Phone: 513-256-2610

- Location: 4460 Lake Forest Dr. Ste 224, Blue Ash, OH, 45242

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